Aperture Magazine’s PhotoBook Review features a pull-out centerfold by Library Candy, a group made up of myself, McNair EvansLucas FogliaJason FulfordRichard Misrach, and Nigel Poor.

The piece reads: “The centerfold plays with two distinct definitions of the word signature. In printing, a signature is “a sheet of paper folded, or to be folded into leaves forming a book. It is also, of course, the act of signing one’s name (or that written name itself).

When removed from The PhotoBook Review and properly folded, the signature is a sixteen-page book designed by Library Candy, a group of artists that meets regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each image is a portrait of one group member photographed by another. The pairings were determined by pulling names out of a hat. The profiles on pp. 10-11 are based upon the handwritten signatures presented here and were authorized by graphologist Ralph Zackheim.”

My image contribution is a unique chromogenic photogram book. The book was made in the storage closet of Jason Fulford’s J&L Books, whose list of published works I photogrammed with light leaks from the door.