Chronographs are exhibition-specific books comprised of unexposed cyanotype folios, with one folio for each day of an exhibition. The exhibitor turns the book to a new a page each day, thereby initiating exposure. The books are cumulative records of the environment; pages change throughout the day, responding to the light, weather, and time. The cyanotype pages are never fixed, their fugitive nature pointing to impermanence and the ever-changing nature of our complicated relationship to our environment.


Chronograph #1 (San Francisco Camerawork, San Francisco, CA. 12.10.15-02.06.16, Thirty-Two Pages for Thirty-Two Days)

19″x24″x2″ (as a closed book), 19″x384″ (when fully opened)

Chronograph #2 (Memphis College of Art, Memphis, TN. 03.26.16-4.27.16, Twenty-Two Pages for Twenty-Two Days)

19″x24″x1.5″ (as a closed book), 19″x264″ (when fully opened)



Chronograph #4 (Euqinom Projects, San Francisco, CA. 09.07.16-10.29.16 & Exhibition Dates TBD, Four Pages for Each of the Four Cardinal Directions)

20″x20″x3″ (as a closed book), 144″x144″x8″ (when fully opened)