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Photography Is Magic

Aperture, New York, NY : July 14-August 11

I’m excited to be part of this exhibition curated by Charlotte Cotton, who writes, “the photographic practices represented in the final selection for this year’s Summer Open are rich with vitality and deep curiosity for the magical medium of photography. They share a fascination with and substantial knowledge of the historical roots and the contemporary state of photography.”

Littoral Drift at FotoFest Biennial: Discoveries of the Meeting Place

Memphis College of Art : February 26–March 26
Opening reception March 18, 6–8 pm

I’m fortunate to have a second iteration of my solo show Littoral Drift on view now at the Memphis College of Art.

Fredric Koepel reviewed Littoral Drift for the Commercial Appeal.
“The primary example is the magnificent “Littoral Drift #284,” an expansive square arena of many sheets that seems to embody all the mythos and pathos of the human relationship to the oceans that surround us, as well as being a sort of star map to the nebulae and deep space beyond. The fear of the void is here, as well as the gorgeousness of the exhaustive and visceral experience of nature.” -F.Koepel

In San Francisco, this exhibition was reviewed by KQED and The San Francisco Chronicle. Additionally, The San Francisco Chronicle featured a two-page spread about my work.

Produced in conjunction with the exhibition, the catalog Littoral Drift includes thirty plates, images of my process, and an interview with Allie Haeusslein, Associate Director, Pier 24. Strange Fire, a collective dedicated to current social and political forces, featured the catalog interview.

Cyanotype: Photography’s Blue Period

Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, MA : January 16-April 24

I’m honored that my work from the exhibition is the cover for the catalog, produced in collaboration with students and faculty at Clark University.

This is the first major U.S. Exhibition examining the rise, fall, and resurgence of the Cyanotype. Artists include: Anna Atkins, Henry Bosse, Annie Lopez, Hugh Scott-Douglas, Christian Marclay, Arthur Wesley Dow, and more.


The New York Times included my work in their article about Cyanotypes: Photography’s Blue Period.
Photograph Magazine reviewed the exhibition.
The Boston Globe reviewed the exhibition.

FotoFest Biennial: Discoveries of the Meeting Place

March 12-April 24 : 2101 Winter Street, Houston, TX

I’m thrilled that Karen Irvine, Associate Director, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, selected my work for the 2016 FotoFest Biennial Discoveries of the Meeting Place exhibition.

The ten exhibiting artists have been selected as a particularly significant “discovery” by one of ten international reviewers chosen by FotoFest from the 160 curators, editors, publishers, gallery owners, and collectors who reviewed artists’ work at the 2014 Biennial Meeting Place.


Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle, WA : January 7-April 3

The Salt/Water exhibition originated from a desire to explore contemporary photographs of the landscape from fresh perspectives. In the process of researching and reviewing work amidst the recent backdrop of a global culture tearing itself apart through hatred and intolerance, the exhibit has evolved into a meditative environment intended to connect humanity—to these photographs, to nature, and to one another, recognizing essential and shared properties of our existence…

Sarah Margolis-Pineo reviewed Salt/Water for Daily Serving.
Michael Unchurch reviewed Salt/Water for the Seattle Times.

Meghann Riepenhoff makes such strikingly attractive abstract works that they scare me. They scare me the way conversations with pretty people do: You’re trying to focus on what is being said but, for obvious reasons, ardent looking can get in the way.

Charles Desmarais

Art Critic, San Francisco Chronicle

Riepenhoff reveals some of photography’s most elemental characteristics while continuing to reward us with its magical allure.

Karen Irvine

Curator Cand Associate Director, Museum of Contemporary Photography