Instar* is a series of unique chromogenic photograms. The nature of the process requires the compositions are constructed in pitch darkness, inherently resulting in unique pieces. My work pushes the process of photogramming by not only using objects, but also incorporating an enlarged negative, meaning that the objects respond not only to the light from the enlarger but also to the content of the negative, and to material manipulations such as curved paper or supplemental light.

The objects I use are domestic detritus and the negatives are of personally significant landscapes. I title the work after both an immense event that speaks to the formal properties of a piece (Solar Storm, Nebula, etc) and, parenthetically, the manufacturer’s product name for the common domiciliary debris that were used in the process (Mountain Mist Fiberloft Premium Polyfill, Sullivan’s International Tickle Knitting Yarn, sand, etc).

I’m interested in the potential for the insignificant to evoke the immense, the personal to resonate at massive scale, and the often-reactive meeting places of seemingly opposing forces in the midst of transformation.

* The series title Instar is derived from the following Rebecca Solnit quote. Instar is a biological term used to describe the successive stages between molting in an insect. ”The strange resonant word instar…implies something both celestial and ingrown, something heavenly and disastrous, and perhaps change is commonly like that, a buried star, oscillating between near and far”.